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It's better in person. 

900 feet of natural and private waterfront and 55 acres of beautiful land available on Little Boshkung Lake. This one-of-a-kind property offers the utmost privacy and serenity found across the popular three-lake chain. Two log cabins on the property were built in the early 1930s with logs sourced from land and lake. The waterfront setback creates an atmosphere and exclusivity which will only be found in early cottages, and this estate has two. The main cottage sits upon a quartz veined Canadian Shield point of land facing north and offers spectacular sunsets through the wind-swept pines. The second, third and fourth cabins offer beautiful lake views and are great for those who wish to enjoy cottaging in its true state. With 55 acres to adventure, inclusive of a mountain, natural beach and shoreline trails, this property offers an experience that countless have enjoyed, and all have loved. Major waterfront land holdings of this magnitude and beauty cannot be replicated and are rarely available.


You'll likely want to pair it with n/a Terrelac Lane to have 1128' of continuous waterfront and one truly spectacular piece of land

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Natural Privacy

900 feet of Waterfront

55 Acres of natural forest
Private & Natural sand beach

Private Mountain with a lookout area

Classic Log Cabins
Partial Severance Potential
North & East Exposure

Close setbacks

 First right to purchase n/a Terrelac Lane for 1128 feet of continuous waterfront

& 56.7 acres of land

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Working with an outside consultant, we have produced a site plan for this property which will help identify the development potential and reutilization of the current structure foundations.


There is a 6+ acre parcel of land with severance potential along Twelve Mile Lake Road for 3 Residential building Lots

 The purchaser of this property has the first right to purchase the 228' waterfront lot (n/a Terrelac Lane). This will complete the 1128' waterfront frontage and add additional privacy to the west.

Please note - no guarantees are made or represented with this report. Buyers are encouraged to conduct their own due-diligence.

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1991 12 Mile Lake Road - Minden - Mitchell Hubble - Modern Movement Creative -August 07, 2


There's something about this cottage that makes you feel like you've stepped back in time 100 years.  This property has been in the same family for 55 years and enjoyed by five generations.  A few highlights that the family has noted about the property...

"Walking along the magical pathway from the cottage to the beach"

"Spending every weekend at the beach as a kid, making sand castles and finding the clay" 

"Laying on the dock at night watching the shooting stars"

"Cannon balls, dives and crazy jumps off the dock"

"The perfect stone skipping spot"

"The mountain lookout"

"Family time"


A property of this magnitude does offer benefits over the typical 100-200' frontage properties. With 900' of frontage on the main lot and 228' on the available second lot (n/a Terrelac Lane), you'll find yourself looking left and right off the dock with no neighbours on your side of the lake.  This means you'll have very little sound and light pollution from neighbours, creating an ultra-serene and calm experience. If you are one to like privacy and an experience like no other, this property is a must.  

The driveway is ~800m long, which means you also won't hear the neighbours behind you or the traffic on Twelve Mile Lake Road

1991 12 Mile Lake Road - Minden - Mitchell Hubble - Modern Movement Creative -August 09, 2

Main Cottage
est. ~1932

This is where everyone gathers and memories are made.  Sitting prominently on a raised point of the Canadian Shield and set back just a short distance from the water, this cabin overlooks the lake and is hidden nicely behind wind-swept pines along the shoreline. Book a showing at sunset and enjoy the sun peeking through the trees from the front porch.

Lower Cabin
(cabin two) est. ~1930

The original cabin on the property and much like the main cabin, it's built with logs from the land and lake.  This cabin has two sleeping spaces, a workshop and a front porch overlooking the dock and a stones throw to the lake.

1991 12 Mile Lake Road - Minden - Mitchell Hubble - Modern Movement Creative -August 07, 2
1991 12 Mile Lake Road - Minden - Mitchell Hubble - Modern Movement Creative -August 07, 2

Cabin in the Woods (cabin three)

Set back the furthest distance from the lake and located between the main cottage and the beach, this one-room cabin with a deck has tons of charm and even its own outhouse. This cabin faces east, so be prepared for gorgeous mornings.

New Cabin in the Woods
(cabin four)

This cabin is situated along the path to the beach and offers a good size sleeping area and loft and a deck on the front to sit back and enjoy the stunning sunrises. 

1991 12 Mile Lake Road - Minden - Mitchell Hubble - Modern Movement Creative -August 07, 2

Little Boshkung Lake

This is the smallest (and calmest) of the three-lake chain and the connection between Boshkung and Twelve Mile. Located just an 11-minute drive from the intersection of Highway 35 & Highway 118

If you like to fish, you'll love the natural shoreline that provides shelter and habitat for that next catch. What fish will you likely be able to catch in the lake?  Small mouth bass, lake trout, perch, pickerel, rock bass, muskie & more. 

Where is Little Boshkung Lake? 

Just 2.5 hours northeast of Toronto

56 minutes east of Bracebridge

30 minutes west of Haliburton

16 minutes north of Minden

11 minutes south of Carnarvon (Highway 35 & 118)

The Three-Lake Chain
Boshkung - Little Boshkung - Twelve Mile

It's more than a three-lake chain, it's a community. From Facebook groups to yearly ice cream floatillas & regattas organized by residents and the lake association, boat-up dining, smaller resorts, a marina with snack bar, and the nicest cottage neighbours you can find. 

If you are into watersports, you'll find that Little Bosh is great for waterskiing as it is typically calmer than the other lakes. If you are into sailing, you'll probably want to make your way to Twelve Mile and go with the wind all the way to the south end.  Want an enjoyable boat ride? Start up at Buttermilk Falls on Boshkung and make your way down to the Wedgewood Marina

(about a 14km ride from tip to tip).

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The Two Properties

1991 Twelve Mile Lake Road:

900 feet of waterfront with North & East exposure

55+ acres of land

MLS: Coming soon

with the first right to purchase Terrelac Lane (below)

Terrelac Lane:

228 feet of waterfront with Northern exposure

1.5 acres of land

MLS: Coming soon

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